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Club Penguin Soundtracks: Frequently Asked Questions

.........Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page! Here you can read most
......questions I get asked and maybe even solve a question you have for me as well.

Club Penguin Soundtrack Information
  1. Who created TheCPSoundtrack?

    Frosty Badge is the creator of the YouTube channel "TheCPSoundtrack". 
  2. What is your penguin name?

    Frosty Badge
  3. What is TheCPSoundtrack?

    TheCPSoundtrack is a non-profit YouTube channel designed to provide free music from the virtual world Club Penguin.
  4. Can I request a Club Penguin song to be uploaded to TheCPSoundtrack?

    Of course! I often take requests. Something I like to do is try to upload a new soundtrack every Wednesday. If your requested soundtrack isn't already uploaded to the channel, or I don't have any plans to upload a soundtrack that day, I'll look into uploading the soundtrack you've requested!

    • How can I submit a Club Penguin song request?

    There's plenty of ways! You can leave a comment on one of my videos, you 
    can leave a channel comment, you can send me a tweet to @FrostyBadge or @EverythingCP, or email me at!
  5. What inspired you to create TheCPSoundtrack?

    I've always had an interest in music. After all, music is what makes the world 
    go 'round. The music in Club Penguin though is absolutely marvelous! It 
    has a certain touch that could get you to dance, and can cause it to get 
    stuck in your head for days! How could I resist sharing my love for
    Club Penguin's music with the rest of the Club Penguin community?
  6. How do you download the soundtracks in your videos?

    There are two different ways to download the soundtracks from my videos. 
    If the soundtrack has a download link, it will be located at the very bottom 
    of the video description of the soundtrack you want. You will need to go 
    to the link in order to have the capability of downloading the desired 

    • The Picosong Method

    NOTE: THIS METHOD WILL ONLY WORK IF THE DOWNLOAD LINK REDIRECTS YOU TO PICOSONG. In order to download a soundtrack from Picosong, you will need to go to the soundtrack you wish to download. Once 
    at the correct page, there will be a "Download" button in the lower right-hand 
    corner of your screen, right beneath the audio player.


    Once you click the Download button, you will be redirected to a second 
    download page. From the second page, you will be able to download the 
    audio file. To download the audio file, you will need to click the "click 
    here to download your file" button.


    • The Soundcloud Method

    NOTE: THIS METHOD WILL ONLY WORK IF THE DOWNLOAD LINK REDIRECTS YOU TO SOUNDCLOUD. To download a soundtrack from Soundcloud is quite easy! You will first need to go to the download link at the 
    very bottom of the video description of the soundtrack you wish to download. 
    Once at the link, there will be a "Download" button underneath the 
    Soundcloud audio player. Click the button in order to download the file. 


  7. Are your downloads safe?

    Yes. I have tested my download links on numerous trusted virus detectors including a program named Norton. All tests returned showing the downloads 
    are safe and cause no harm. If, however, a download causes any 
    trouble to your computer, feel free to contact me at
  8. Can I download your videos and upload them to my own channel?

    No. Although I provide free downloads to the songs in my videos, I do not allow others to reupload my videos. You are, however, welcome to use the songs 
    you download in your videos though. 
  9. Who created the soundtracks in your videos?

    Credit is due to so many creative workers! From composers, to musicians, to editors, etc, many people have worked so hard to create the fantastic music 
    you hear in my videos. The copyright to those songs, though, is 
    mainly owned by Disney, Club Penguin and Lucasfilm. I do not take 
    any credit for the audio heard in my videos. 
  10. What programs do you use to record and edit the
    soundtracks in your videos?

    I tend to keep the programs I use for editing a secret. Sorry about that!
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