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Mascot Trackers: The "Sasquatch" (??????) Tracker

Tips To Finding The "Sasquatch"
Want to find this unknown creature? Below you can view this wacky penguin's player card along with tips on how you could find him when he's online meeting other penguins.

This "Sasquatch" looks a bit like an overly fuzzy giant penguin! He has one signature item that he wears which is the beta hat. He has brown fur, and his facial hair (eyebrows and beard) are black like Rockhopper's facial hair. He doesn't have webbed feet, he has toes with claws. On his back, his fur is dark brown. His fur on his front side is a very light brownish tan.

There are usually a lot of penguins around him so you may want to check the crowd very closely to see which character looks exactly like him. He shouldn't be too hard to miss, though. He's huge! Click his avatar and his player card will appear on your Club Penguin screen with the player card shown above.