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Mascot Files: The "Sasquatch" (??????)

Unfortunately, there isn't much information about this character yet. Penguin believe him to be either a Sasquatch or a yeti, but no one knows his name. We do know two thing, though. First, we know he was either around when Club Penguin first opened where he got the beta hat from, or he found it somewhere. Second, we know that his name is currently ??????.  

When visiting the island of Club Penguin, he gives out a background to all the lucky penguins who meet him! He doesn't, however, hand out any stamps for meeting him. You can also add him to your buddy list once you meet him, though. We don't know who he is, or why he's visiting yet, so there aren't any parties he comes to often since he's never been to one as a mascot yet. 

Clothing Items: 

This "Sasquatch" looks a bit like an overly fuzzy giant penguin! He has one signature item that he wears which is the beta hat. He has brown fur, and his facial hair (eyebrows and beard) are black like Rockhopper's facial hair. He doesn't have webbed feet, he has toes with claws. On his back, his fur is dark brown. His fur on his front side is a very light brownish tan. 

?????? also hands out a background to those who meet him in-game. 

This is ??????'s very first background. You were able to...... 
receive this background from his player card when you met....
him on the island. This background was available in .........
August of the year 2014.................................

This creature usually attracts large sized crowds, depending on the event and time. It's usually difficult to find him, although, if you keep looking, your most likely to find him waddling around making strange gestures and grunting.