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Mascot Files: Brady and McKenzie

Brady and McKenzie were originally seen on one of Disney's newer movies, Teen Beach Movie. As part of Disney's recent creation, Club Penguin decided to bring these two young actors/musicians to Club Penguin to meet penguins during 2013's Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam in August. Both characters in Club Penguin were controlled in real life by these famous celebrities. In Club Penguin, these two famous penguins handed out rare backgrounds and everyone had the chance to meet them as well as ask them questions. With them being them, they both answered tons of questions when in-game. 

Clothing Items: 

Brady - he wears a blond wig along with a blue collared shirt and white shorts. Brady also could possibly be seen on the island with his guitar. 

McKenzie - she wears a brown wig in pig tails with golden bows in her hair, a yellow and orange flower dress, a silver necklace and can possibly be seen with a microphone. 

When you click on their penguins, you can see their player cards showing their items. 

Brady and McKenzie also hand out a background to those who meet them in-game.

This is Brady and McKenzie's very first background. You were.. 
able to receive this background from them when you met them..
on the island. This background was only available from........
August to September of 2013 for the Summer Jam............

Brady and McKenzie was first seen in Club Penguin during the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam in August of 2013. If online, Brady and McKenzie will usually be crowded by many penguins either asking questions, yelling Brady and McKenzie or maybe even shouting "Add me!" Be sure to check the crowds for the penguins matching their descriptions to see if they're in the room.