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P.S.A. Mission 6: Questions for a Crab

  • Talk to G.
  • Go to the Ski Hill, then follow Klutzy off the ledge.
  • Go to the room with the bush and log, don't follow Klutzy. Once you reach that room, use the scissors in your Spy Phone Tools to cut down the Puffle 'O's and then add the bag to your inventory.
  • Go to the room with the tree stump and the black puffle, then feed the black puffle one Puffle 'O'.
  • Go to the room with the cave on the right of the room with the tree stump.
  • Use a Puffle 'O' to throw through the pet door so the black puffle will follow and open the door. Then, go into the cave.
  • Talk to Herbert (the polar bear).
  • Scroll all the way to the right until you find the cage lift contraption. Throw a puffle 'o' onto the lever attached to the pipe on the right-hand side. Then, throw a puffle 'o' onto the left side of the pan with the water flowing through it. Afterwards, throw a puffle 'o' on the platform on the left-hand side.
  • Scroll all the way to the right until you find the 'Electromagnet 3000' blueprints on the wall. Collect it then add it to your inventory.
  • In that same spot, there will be rope on the pieces of wood stacked against the wall next to the table, collect the piece of rope on it and add it to your inventory, then next to the wood will be an anchor. Collect it and mix it with the rope in your inventory creating a gabbling hook.
  • Lastly, collect the hot sauce on the table, then scroll to the left until you find the door.
  • Take out a puffle 'o' and add it to your inventory, then mix the puffle 'o' with the hot sauce to make a spicy puffle 'o'.
  • Then, open the door.
  • Next to the door, feed your puffle the spicy puffle 'o' causing your black puffle to make a hole in the snow enabling for you to exit the cave. Once the black puffle does so, leave the cave.
  • Head back to the crash site. Then, on the giant cliff on the left-hand side, use your gabbling hook to get up.
  • Go to the Ski Lodge, and listen to Herbert talking. Then, head to the Pizza Parlor and collect a seaweed pizza from the chef and add it to your inventory. After, go back to the Ski Lodge and click on Herbert with the pizza.
  • Then click the switch on the machine Herbert was working on to set it to reverse. 
  • Talk to G, and give him the electromagnet 3000 blueprints you collected from Herbert's hideout.
After you have finished mission 6, you were able to receive another medal of excellence, along with a gift from G for returning the blueprints you have collected from Herbert's lairhowever, you can no longer earn items from missions.