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P.S.A. Mission 3: Case of the Missing Coins

  • Talk to Rookie.
  • Have Rookie show you how the vault door works. Once the door is locked, head up to the Office.
  • Scroll over to the orange couch by the two windows. Once you do so, click underneath the couch and collect the paperclip and boot disk.
  • Go over to the computer, then click it.
  • Click the computer's power button to turn it on. Once you do so - take the boot disk out of your inventory and insert it into the slot underneath the power button.
  • Once the computer loads, click the "My Files" section, then click the "Combination_Number" section. Receive the combination number.
  • Go downstairs to the vault, then click on it. Enter in the pass code. The first number starts at the top, the second number goes on the right-hand side, the third number goes at the bottom and the fourth number goes on the left-hand side. Once you have entered in the combination number, click "Confirm".
  • Go inside of the vault and click the coins on the ceiling, then talk to Rookie.
  • Your Spy Phone will begin to ring. Answer it and then head to the HQ using your Spy Phone.
  • Talk to G and then click on the Gift Shop screen G wants you to watch. Once you have done so, exit out of the screen then talk to G again.
  • Take the yellow key from G's drawer that has 4 letters at the top and 3 on the bottom standing for "Roof Top" in the upper left-hand corner of the drawer.
  • Go back to the Gift Shop, go into the Office then use the key to unlock the Roof Top door, then enter the Roof Top.
  • Click the piece of white fur in the vent next to the magnet and add it to your inventory.
  • Click your Spy Phone, then click the Tools section and use the wrench to unscrew the bolts on the POWA BOX.  
  • Once you have unscrewed the POWA BOX take the paperclip out of your inventory and click the green spot in the middle of the POWA BOX with the paperclip.
  • Go downstairs to the vault, then click on the coins and talk to Rookie.
  • Head back to the HQ and talk to G. Accept the mission to restore power to the Night Club.
  • Go to the Town, make sure to talk to the crying brown penguin in front of the Night Club. Then, head inside of the Night Club.
  • Once you are inside of the Night Club, use your night vision goggles in your inventory to see in the dark. Go to the boiler room using the entrance hidden in the speaker on the right-hand side of the DJ stand.
  • Go to the 'Fuse Box' and open it up. Make sure to turn off your night vision goggles! 
  • Click all the lights in the 'Fuse Box' until all of the lights turn green. Only then will the power to the Night Club be restored. Then, head back up to the Night Club and talk to the brown penguin dancing on the dance floor.
  • Head back to the HQ and talk to G, thus ending your mission.
Once you have finished mission 4, you were able to receive a medal of excellence and a card from the dancing penguin you helpedhowever, you can no longer earn items from missions.