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P.S.A. Mission 1: Case of the Missing Puffles

  • Talk to Aunt Arctic to get information about her runaway puffles.
  • Head to the Pet Shop and click the note attacked to the brown puffle house.
  • Decode the message using your PSA 'Code' to find out how many pairs of socks G has.
  • Go to the Sports Shop and talk to G. Tell G how many pairs of socks he has from the decoded message you found at the Pet Shop. Make sure to ask for the "SPECIAL items." 
  • Receive both of the spy equipment from G's cabinet. 
  • Go to the Ice Berg.
  • Take the life preserver shooter from your inventory and click on the penguins standing on the distant Ice Berg. Use the life preserver shooter to bring all of the penguins from the drifting Ice Berg to your location. Use the wind measurement to decide where you should shoot your life preserver to save a penguin. Save all 7.
  • Head to the Ski Hill.
  • Talk to the crying brown penguin, then click your Spy Phone in your inventory. Once your Spy Phone opens, click the tool button and use the wrench to fix the telescope by clicking it.
  • Look through the telescope until you see the green puffle flying by. Make sure to drift to the left till you see it with the telescope.
  • Go to the Tallest Mountain and look up. Use the grappling hook to climb to the top of the mountain. To use the grappling hook, click the top of the Tallest Mountain once looking up fully.
  • Go back to Aunt Arctic's igloo.
  • Talk to Aunt Arctic.
At the end of the mission, you were able to pick up the medal of excellence for completing this mission, however, you can no longer earn items from missions.