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Secrets: Rockhopper Island

Every once in awhile, a penguin named Rockhopper visits the island of Club Penguin on his ship named the Migrator. Rockhopper is a pirate and sails all around the seas with his trusty red puffle, Yarr. But, where does Rockhopper go when he's not visiting Club Penguin? Rockhopper goes on many adventures, but one place he visits frequently has become known as Rockhopper Island.

Not much is known about the location of Rockhopper Island, for Rockhopper has kept it a secret as it's the location of all of his treasure. It's practically his home. There are, however, some details he was able to share with us. On Rockhopper Island, he found a ton of red puffles, which was introduced to Club Penguin in 2006. Rockhopper Island is known to have a large volcano on it, as well as a ton of sand and trees. Rockhopper Island is a tropical island, which is the complete opposite of Club Penguin island.

Due to Rockhopper Island's large size, not even Rockhopper has discovered all of the island's secrets. As Rockhopper continues to leave clues about Rockhopper Island's location and features, penguins at Club Penguin continue to attempt to pinpoint its exact location. To this day, Rockhopper Island is still a mystery, and perhaps will be an island available for us to travel to in the future.