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Secrets: The Giant Squid

One secret that often catches penguins' eyes when venturing near or under water at Club Penguin is the Giant Squid. The Giant Squid is one Club Penguin's secrets that penguins have nearly no information on. Where did this Giant Squid come from? Where does it live? Is its intentions good, or bad? Does it have a name? All of these questions are often asked when penguins notice this Giant Squid. Although it continues to appear all over the island, none of these questions seem to get answered.

The Giant Squid is often spotted as a large shadow in the water, and hardly ever appears above the water. It tends to swim quickly, so it may be hard to get a good look at it, but there are a couple of places on the island you can find it lurking in the water. The Giant Squid could be spotted when playing Aqua Grabber. On the title screen when choosing which level you'd like to play on, you can sometimes see the Giant Squid's shadow in the background. In Puffle Rescue on the first sea level with the black puffle, you can follow the Giant Squid's shadow to reveal a hidden underwater room available only to members. 

During both the Island Adventure Party for 2010 and 2011, the Giant Squid's shadow could be seen swimming quickly around the Ice Berg. Lastly, in a Club Penguin short released onto YouTube, you can actually get a good look at the Giant Squid in the short Rockhopper VS the Mighty Squid. In this Club Penguin Short, the Mighty Squid mistakes Rockhopper's red puffle, Yarr, for his red ball and attempts to retrieve it, accidentally grabbing Yarr instead of his ball. Rockhopper must then safely rescue Yarr from the clutches of the Mighty Squid.