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Biography: Dino Puffles

>> Names: Tiki Tiki (Pink), Aboot (Purple), Ugg Ugg (Red), Ooga (Blue), Dig Dig (Yellow), and Booga (Black)
>> Owner: Frosty Badge

These puffles are special. They originate from the prehistoric times, and they're even a different species of puffle... they're Dino Puffles! During the Prehistoric Party of 2014, Frosty Badge went back in time with tons of other penguins on the island to help Garugg save the Dino Puffles from extinction. When learning more about the Dino Puffles, Frosty Badge decided to go egg hunting at a couple of the excavation sites around the prehistoric version of our snowy-filled island. To his surprise, he found an egg. Taking it to the Volcano, the egg hatched and a Dino Puffle popped out and rubbed against his flipper. Later on during the Prehistoric Party of 2014, Frosty Badge discovered five other types of Dino Puffle eggs. These Dino Puffles now reside in Frosty Badge's igloo backyard. Whether other species of puffles exist is a question that remains on Frosty Badge's mind.

Facts About These Dino Puffles: 

  • They love to hang out in Frosty Badge's igloo backyard.---------- 
  • Their favorite party is the Prehistoric Party, so they can visit their buddies.--------- 
  • ---Their favorite rooms are the Puffle Hotel, the Forest, and the Cove.---------- 
  • One of their favorite things to do is dig for rare treasure.------- 
  • ----Their favorite mascot is Gary the Gadget Guy.------------ 
  • --Their favorite food is gum and Puffle O's.----------