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Become A: Fire Ninja

Welcome! During your visit on this page, you will learn how to become a Fire Ninja! A Fire Ninja is a highly skilled penguin in the arts of Card-Jitsu Fire. Card-Jitsu Fire is a game that will enable you to battle opponents with cards based on the three elements; Fire, Water and Snow. This game takes place at the Fire Dojo, where Sensei and many other players shall help you train.There is no age limit to play Card-Jitsu Fire. 

Let's get started! The instructions listed below will help you figure out how to become a Fire Ninja and receive your Fire Suit along with your Fire Gem for your amulet. Below, there will also be instructions about game-play and more! 

1) Head to the Fire Dojo. To get to the Fire Dojo, you must first head to the Dojo Courtyard. To get tot the Dojo Courtyard, you can open up your map and click the Dojo, waddle up the path next to the School at the Mine, or teleport using your Spy Phone (if you\'re an Elite Agent.) On top of the mountain, you will see a brown building with a big red arc (on your map.) Once you have entered the Dojo Courtyard, go into the Dojo. Afterwards, enter the door representing Card-Jitsu Fire (on the left-hand side of the Dojo.) 

2) Play Card-Jitsu Fire and earn your Fire Suit. 

3) Defeat Fire Sensei in Card-Jitsu Fire and earn your Fire Gem for your amulet. 

Once you have entered the Fire Dojo, you will be able to begin your fire ninja training. But first, let's go over a few basic details! To view the percentage you are at until you reach your next item, you can click the picture of three Card-Jitsu cards in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. You may also be able to see the cards your penguin contains and how many of them. You can also view your amulet. 

The picture below states that my penguin is a Fire, Water and Snow Ninja, only because I have already earned my Fire, Water and Snow Suits. How to earn the Fire Suit? Keep reading. How to earn the Water Suit and Snow Suit? Those are different tutorials! But, you may also view what percentage you are at until earning the next item when earning your Fire Suit, Water Suit, or SnowSuit by clicking the icon of three Card-Jitsu cards in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. 

Next, you will need to know how to play Card-Jitsu Fire. Once talking to Fire Sensei for the first time at the Fire Dojo, he will give you another deck of cards to earn your fire suit with. Your deck of cards will contain Fire, Water and Snow cards. This game is much different than Card-Jitsu though! In Card-Jitsu Fire, the number on your cards matter the most. In game-play, a penguin will chose a stone that is in the center of the game. On those stones are numbers carved. After choosing a stone, it will tell you which stones with elements marked onto them you may chose from. They will lite up yellow. In the picture below, I chose the number '4'. Because I chose the number '4', I can only chose the Card-Jitsu Battle stones because that is how many stones are away from where my penguin is standing in the game. If I got a '5' then I could choose from water or snow. If I chose Water, the card I contain in my deck at the moment that has the number of '4' is the lowest water card I have at the moment. If Sensei chose a higher number card, he would win, if he didn't, he would lose that round. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. When a player loses a round, they will lose a point. If a player wins a round, they will either keep the same amount of points they already contain, or gain a point. 

If you happen to land on a stone that has all three of the elements labeled on the stone, you will be enabled to chose which element you would like that round of the game to be based on. 

If you happen to land on a stone that contains a picture of two Card-Jitsu cards side-by-side, that means that the round is a Card-Jitsu battle. If you are in a battle with more than one player, you will be able to chose which player you would like to face in Card-Jitsu. However, if you are in a battle with only one person, you must face that person in Card-Jitsu. In this case, I must face Sensei. 

If you land on the same stone as another player, you must also play the penguin in Card-Jitsu in which who's stone you have landed on. In the picture below, I have landed on Sensei's stone meaning I must battle him in Card-Jitsu. You can also be challenged to Card-Jitsu if another player lands on your stone. 

To train with other users, battle Fire Sensei or read the instructions, you will need to waddle up to Fire Sensei in the Fire Dojo and talk to him. NOTE: Clicking the Earn Your Fire Suit button to battle others to earn your Fire Suit is the fastest way to earn it other than playing on the blue mats at the Fire Dojo. Once you have earned your Fire Suit, you will need to battle Fire Sensei by waddling up to Fire Sensei, talking to him, and clicking the Challenge Sensei button. 

You will need to earn your Fire Suit before you are enabled to battle Fire Sensei. If you do not have your Fire Suit and you try to battle Fire Sensei, he will win. There are four different clothing items that make up the Fire Suit. The Flame Sandals, Magma Coat, Lava Mask and Fiery Helmet! 

Once you have received all of the items that complete your Fire Suit, you will need to battle Fire Sensei. Choose your cards wisely, Sensei is very tough. After you have beaten Fire Sensei, you will receive your Fire Gem. The Fire Gem is located on your amulet, in which you can wear on your penguin. 

Fire Ninjas have special dances. If you wear the full Fire Suit, and you make your penguin dance, your penguin will raise his/her arms and fire will appear coming out from them. The picture below shows my penguin performing that action. 

Another special dance your Fire Suit can enable you to perform is turning invisible. To turn invisible, you will need to make your penguin wave. A flame will rise up over your penguin and your penguin will then be invisible. The picture below shows my penguin performing that action.