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Become An: EPF Agent

Welcome! During your visit on this page, you will learn how to become an Elite Penguin Force agent! An Elite Penguin Force agent is a penguin who completes top secret missions, contains a Spy Phone, can buy certain clothing items no ordinary penguin can buy, as well as much more! There is no age limit required in order to become an Elite Penguin Force agent, and complete secret missions. 


Let's get started! The instructions listed below will help you figure out how to become an Elite Penguin Force agent. Why are these instructions important? It will help ensure you receive your Spy Phone properly, and are allowed access to the Command Room. The very first step to becoming an Elite Penguin Force agent is getting to where you need to be. The room you need to be in to have the capability of becoming an agent is the Everyday Phoning Facility. To access this room, head to the Ski Village. At the Ski Village, you can walk into the Everyday Phoning Facility. 

Once you have entered the room, there will be a telephone on the right-hand side of the room that is ringing and flashing red. You will need to click this telephone. 

After clicking the telephone, Director will begin speaking with you on a small screen attached to the telephone. Director will ask you if you would like to join the Elite Penguin Force. You will need to click the button labeled "Yes" in order to continue. 

After accepting the invitation Director has given you through the telephone, Director will welcome you to the Elite Penguin Force and give you your Spy Phone. In order to add the Spy Phone to your inventory and screen, you will need to click the button labeled "Add phone" with the image of the Spy Phone on it. You'll then receive the Spy Phone. 


The next step will be to finish talking to Director. Director will allow you to enter the Command Room as well as welcome you to the Elite Penguin Force. 

Wondering how you could enter the Command Room? In the center of the room at the very top will be a waterfall with the Everyday Phoning Facility symbol attached to it. You will need to move your mouse over the symbol in order to reveal the path to the Command Room. 


In case you have any questions regarding your Spy Phone, and want to know how to use it, you're always welcome to check out my Understanding the Spy Phone guide located in the Starter Guides section of this website by clicking here

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