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Secrets: The Secret Entrance

The Forest is a very public place in Club Penguin, but it contains some secrets you may miss at first. You can reach the Forest through the Plaza, the Cove, the Mine Shack, by using your map, or by using a Spy Phone. It's not the Forest that interests me, though, it's what's underneath it, and how you can access what's underneath it that does. There's a hidden lake underneath the Forest! How can you reach it? Through a secret entrance at the Forest, of course! Sure, there are other ways, but they aren't as fun as climbing down a giant hole in the ground in a forest that no one expects to have.

At the Forest, there will be a gigantic bolder over in the lower left-hand corner of the room. If you hover your mouse over the bolder, the bolder will begin to roll into the trees revealing a secret entrance to a room called the Hidden Lake. You can use the ladder in the hole underneath the giant bolder to reach the Hidden Lake once the bolder has moved out of the way. At the Hidden Lake, you can enter the secret room only for members with the key you can receive in the game Puffle Rescue called the Underwater Room! The Hidden Lake is not a room to be missed, and neither is the secret entrance at the Forest.