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Secrets: The Ice Berg

Have you ever wondered what that little ice berg floating on the upper right-hand corner of your map is? That is the Ice Berg! It used to be considered a hidden room on the island since not many penguins knew that if you clicked it on the map that it would take you to a room. Over time, the Ice Berg became more popular, and a game, Aqua Grabber, even got added in 2008. You could often see tons of penguins and puffles at the Ice Berg.

Just like any other hidden room in Club Penguin, the Ice Berg contains secrets. Can you tip the Ice Berg? Many penguins have tried, but have failed. What would happen if the Ice Berg has tipped one day? What's underneath the Ice Berg? As mentioned before, you can also access the game Aqua Grabber from the Ice Berg. Aqua Grabber is a game in which you may take the submarine (as seen in the picture above) underwater to find treasure! Gary the Gadget Guy was the inventor of Aqua Grabber back in 2008. 

One secret many penguins most likely have not suspected was that there was something inside of the Ice Berg! Due to a recent trip to prehistoric times during the Prehistoric Party, we were able to get a look at what exactly is inside the Ice Berg. It's a prehistoric shark! 

Because we messed with the timeline, the prehistoric shark inside the Ice Berg was once released and was seen swimming around the current day Ice Berg until it was fixed.