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Secrets: The Elite Penguin Force

Have you ever noticed penguins wearing high-tech gear waddling about the island but always keeping what they are doing a secret? Those penguins are a part of the Elite Penguin Force. The Elite Penguin Force is a secret agency directed by a penguin who's code name is Director. Besides Director, there are other well known Elite Agents such as Jet Pack Guy, Dot the Disguise Gal, Rookie, and Puffle Handler.

The Elite Penguin Force operates out of a hidden room in the Everyday Phoning Facility called the Command Room. The Command Room (as seen in the image above) is a secret room in which elite agents are assigned top-secret missions. When completing missions, agents are often rewarded with medals. Medals are used to buy elite gear (the gear you see them waddling around in) that allows them to do special dances. Some elite gear requires a paid membership. At the Command Room, you can play the games System Defender, and Spy Drills. In System Defender, you must defend the computer's battery from bots who are trying to destroy your computer's power. In Spy Drills, you have the capability of practicing challenges and completing a set of challenges to earn medals. 

The Elite Penguin Force tends to often face some of their main enemies, even though they always seem to get away without being captured. Click one of the Elite Penguin Force's enemies' picture below to be redirected to a description about them.